One of my greatest sources of pride has been the success of my PhD students.  I have learned a great deal from their work especially as they often research in areas that are rather tangential to my own areas of expertise.  I might as well promote them here since I am tied to them via an unbreakable vow.  I will be keeping a list of their publications and other accomplishments at my blog.


Maya Dafinova, "Keeping the Inter-Agency Peace? A Comparative Study of Whole-of-Government Peace Operations Management in Afghanistan," Carleton University. 


Jessica Trisko, “Aiding and Abetting: Foreign Aid and State Coercion,” McGill University,  2012.  now at American University.

Aisha Ahmad, “Between the Mosque and the Market: An Economic Explanation of State Failure and State Formation in the Modern Muslim World,” McGill University, 2012. Tenure Track at U of Toronto.

Ora Szekely, “Send Lawyers, Guns and Money: The Politics of Militia Survival in the Middle East,” McGill University, 2011, Tenure Track at Clark University.

Sarah Myriam Martin-Brûlé, “Tackling the Anarchy Within: The Role of Deterrence and Great Power Intervention in Peace Operations,” McGill Universiyt, 2010, tenure track at Bishop’s University.

Suranjan Weeranatne, “Degrees of ‘Scapegoatability’: Assessing Spatial Variations in Collective Violence against the Ethnic Chinese in Indonesia, McGill University, 2009, tenure track at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville.

Amy Cox, “Understanding Violence: When And Why Do Communities Support The Use Of Violence Against The State?”  McGill University, 2009, Academic Director, International Peace and Conflict Resolution Program,  Arcadia College.

Jonathan Paquin, “Recognizing the Obvious: The US Response to Secessionist Amibtions Since the End of the Cold War,” McGill University, 2006, tenured at Université Laval.

Brent Sasley, “Ideas, Individuals, and Institutions: Foreign Policy Variation in Israel and Turkey,” McGill University, 2006, tenured at University of Texas at Arlington.

Samuel Stanton, “Environmental Scarcity and Ethnic Conflict: Examining Causal Mechanisms Through Case Studies and Quantitative Analyses,” Texas Tech University, 2004, equivalent of tenured at Grove City College.

Other Students:

Theo McLauchlin, “Desertion, Control, and Collective Action in Civil Wars," McGill University, 2012, Post-Doc at U. de Montreal, Tenure Track at U de Montreal.

Pahi Saikia, “Protest Networks, Communicative Mechanisms and State Responses: Ethnic Mobilization and Violence in Northeast India,” McGill University, 2009, tenure track at IIT, Guwahati.

David Steinberg, was my first undergraduate RA at McGill, went on to become a grad student at Northwestern and a co-author of mine.  On tenure track at University of Oregon.