My current projects include:

  • The next major project is with David Auerswald and Philippe Lagassé now funded.  It aims to compare democracies to assess the roles played by parliaments in their civil-military relations.  This, in some sense, will be a sequel to the NATO book but with more countries and a focus beyond interventions such as Afghanistan and Libya. 
  • SSHRC funded research on diasporas with Erin Jenne and Kathleen Cunningham: under what conditions will diasporas mobilize?  Under what conditions will they tend towards extremism (support violence)?  Given the selection bias in the existing diaspora research, focusing on the most notable cases, our effort attempts to study the range of diaspora segments to determine the factors associated with greater mobilization.  Our first step has been to code diaspora segments in the US.  Nearly completed with that, the next step is to code groups in Canada.
  • Working with Johanna Birnir and Will Moore on institutions and ethnic conflict.  More complicated statistical work to revisit my older stuff.
  • Navel gazing about the discipline: using TRIP data collected by folks at William and Mary to understand the IR discipline.


Older Data:

Still working on moving to here.  Go to my old site for older data.